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Daecheong Dam Water Culture Center > 투어 747x424

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This is a famous tourist attraction in Korea.
투어 747x424

Daecheong Dam Water Culture Center


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  • city : Daejeon
  • location : 619-136, Miho-dong, Daecheong-ro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon-si
  • Hours of use : 10:00~17:00
  • Days closed : Every Monday, Seollal, Chuseok
  • Admission fee : free
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This center shares how water resources are developed, used, and managed through various educational tools and exhibits. The center also hosts events and performances for visitors and local residents. The facility offers guests with a thorough knowledge of the life-cycle of water and the important benefits it provides. 

Exhibition Hall Information 

* Exhibition Hall No. 1: Water Hall/Water Resources
- A Model of Daecheong Dam, Water Is a Resource, Water Q & A, Daecheong Dam’s Roles, Water Power Generation, Fun Water Science, Surface Tension, 1.5M Earth- Water and Environment, Rain, Music, and Poetry, and K-Water’s Roles 

* Exhibition Hall No. 2: Ecology Hall/Daecheongho Lake/Ecology of the Geumgang River 
- Four Seasons of Daecheong Dam, Streams from the Geumgang River, Ecological Map of the Geumgang River, Living Organisms in the Geumgang River, Shell Fossils, Meeting Freshwater Fish, Travel into Underwater Geumgang River, and Growth of Living Organisms and Their Anatomical Models

* Video Room 
- Shows a 3D video titled “Diverse Faces of Water, World without Water, World Full of Water, and Pleasant Water”
- Fantasy of Water and Forest (shown 13 times a day for 30 minutes, between 10:30 a.m. and 16:30 p.m.)

* Exhibition Hall No. 3: Local Culture Hall/Life and Culture of People in Daecheongho Lake
- Past and Present of Daecheongho Lake, Traditional Culture, Home Village, Life Stories of People in Daecheongho Lake, My Hometown, and Commemorative Stamp

Admission / Participation Fees 

Parking Facilities 

Parking Fee 


Homepage (Korean only) 

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