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Namdo Folk Food Exhibition Room & Honam Cultural Material Pavilion > 투어 747x424

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This is a famous tourist attraction in Korea.
투어 747x424

Namdo Folk Food Exhibition Room & Honam Cultural Material Pavilion


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Located in Gwangju Metropolitan City, the Namdo Folk Food Museum was established to preserve and promote the folk foods of the Namdo region. The museum is housed in a building that resembles both the long, rectangular presses used to make patterned rice cakes and the Ipseokdae Rock of Mudeungsan Mountain, a symbol of Gwangju. Even the colors of the building’s walls hold special significance. The obangsaek ‘five colors’ (blue, white, red, black, and yellow) symbolize the cardinal directions, the seasons, the major organs in the body, different tastes, feelings, and philosophy. 

Major facilities at the museum include: a special exhibition room for invitational displays on culture and art, the permanent exhibition room on Namdo folk food, the Museum Studio with material related to the museum itself, and the Museum Shop, which sells a selection of Namdo folk food. Other facilities include the Honam Cultural Material Exhibition Room, which showcases the culture of the Honam region (literature, customs, and art), and a seminar room for art and culture-related lectures and conferences.

Structure Size 
Land area: 3,300㎡ 
Building area: 1,006.58㎡

Program Information 
[Traditional food experience program] 
For children
-Hours: Tue to Fri (10:00~12:00) 
-Venue: Children's experience hall (2F)
-Eligibility: Kindergarteners- Middle school students (15 people or more) 
-Program: Various Korean traditional desserts making. 

For adults
-Hours: Tue to Fri (14:00~16:00) 
-Venue: Cooking experience center (2F)
-Eligibility: Adults, the handicapped, immigrant women, etc. 
-Program: Directed for group of 15 people or more 
-Program: Tteok and other staple dish making. 

Weekend program
-Hours: Sat to Sun (14:00~16:00) 
-Venue: Cooking experience center (2F) 
-Eligibility: 40 applicants (Limited to people with advnaced reservation only. Children under age 13 should enter with guardian.) 
-Program: Various Korean traditional desserts making.

Admission / Participation Fees 

Parking Facilities 

Parking Fee 

Groups are required to make reservations 7 days in advance.
Inquiries: +82-62-575-8883

Foreign Language Intepretation Services 
English, Japanese, Chinses 
* Advanced reservations required

Homepage (Korean only) 

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